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Who am I ?

My name is Sujan Sivagurunathan.

I'm born the 19th of January 1987 in Eelam (Sri Lanka), and currently, I'm living with my family in Switzerland where I grew up and took refuge from the devastating civil war.

I've set up this page for two main reasons, first to introduce myself, and secondly in order to change the world in my own way and try to make it fairer for more people. 

So, feel free to help me in this huge, but awesome task !

Help fund my cause(s)

Your support and contributions will help me to attain my objectives and to improve lives. Your generosity and donations will help fund my mission(s), such as temple building, charity work and poverty eradication. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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We are the Vedic people, not Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews or Christians. That's the truth black on white. You too say no to lies, plagiarism and division !

The Tamil Family Lily

கார்த்திகை 27

What I can offer to you, whoever you are, is a sense of victory, happiness and a bit of solace in this seemingly troubled world.


Available 24/7/365.25

Well, I will be around for few decades to come.

From Kaddadivayal to Kaddai.com passing by GODaddy.com

Best Good God Daddy

This man, my dear godly daddy, Mr Sivagurunathan Murugesu, despite his handicap seriously deserves an international award, or a Nobel Prize for everything he has accomplished so far...

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